Is Grace Church part of a denomination?

    No. But it's not because we think there's anything wrong about denominations. Our situation could change.

Is Grace Church "Calvinist"?

     In the words of an early American preacher, we believe much of what John Calvin taught,

     but we don't believe any of it because he taught it.


Where does Grace Church meet?

       We rent a large room at the facility of Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Lutheran Church, just       

       Bean Blossom. The building is at the northern intersection of S.R. 135 & Old Settlers' Road.

       There is plenty of parking space.


Does Grace Church welcome people who aren't sure what they believe?

       Certainly. We tell God's story to anyone who will listen. We ask God's help to love and care for all our



Is Grace Church's worship formal?

       We have a structured order of worship, based on the worship of the early church and the churches of the

       Protestant Reformation.

       Our atmosphere and attitudes are very informal.